ePatient Records Online

ePatient Records or Electronic Patient Records (EPR) are records of interactions between patients and healthcare professionals. A copy of a patient's information could be stored on the electronic format for future reference. ePatient Records designed to allow fast and easy on-line access to each patient's records in all areas. Through ePatient Record, the user can view patient data integrated from multiple sources, including Lab Results, Radiology Reports, ECG Reports, EEG Reports, OB Sonogram Reports, Discharge Summaries, Operative Notes, etc.

Many doctors and hospitals are beginning to get technology assist them in keeping accurate records by turning to electronic medical records. Electronic Patient Records (EPR) software integrates with all hospital departments such as maternity, operating theatres, radiology, mental health as well as other NHS services such as GPs and additional specialist services. Patients will also benefit as they won't have to carry film around the hospital, or from one site to another, and there will be less time waiting to receive results, so treatment will be quicker.

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